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Infrastructure of the Future

Scalable and robust networks to support business growth

Now more than ever, there’s increased pressure on your business network and underlying infrastructure. There are lots of things to consider if you’re planning to expand or refresh your network – it must be robust, reliable and scalable, supporting more users with more devices, in multiple locations. Here at BT, we can help you every step of the way, from planning to roll out.

In a world where flexible working is increasingly common, we use multiple devices to boost our productivity, collaborate better and improve efficiency.

But an increase in the number of devices and applications means more demand on your network and underlying infrastructure. It needs to be scalable, robust and intelligent to support this increased demand – and support business growth.

We’ll take you through some of the considerations you need to make when refreshing or expanding your network. Read our latest publication to find out more about:

  • Next-generation networking solutions like SD-WAN
  • Why now’s the time to upgrade to Server 2019
  • Solutions from our world-class infrastructure vendors

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Six reasons to choose BT for your network

1. A fixed and mobile network like no other

If you rely on technology to help drive business growth, it needs a solid infrastructure. Our fixed and mobile network is the UK’s biggest –delivering supreme coverage, capacity and resilience.

2. End-to-end management

Our service is designed around you. We’ll provide whatever you need, from a dedicated project management team to implement your solution, to proactive network monitoring.

3. Partnering for success

To deliver the best solution for your business, we combine the power of our network and our people with the world’s leading SD-WAN hardware from Meraki and Cisco.

4. Unrivalled security expertise

Our 3,000 security experts in 15 operation centres worldwide are trusted by the military, emergency services and governments to keep them safe.

5. Better insights, better decisions

Our platform provides analytics and insight to help you make more informed decisions about your network and digital transformation strategy.

6. Investing in the future of UK business

We’re investing £10 billion in new technologies over the next five years, building the platform for innovation and fuelling the UK’s digital economy.


SD-WAN - Enabling business in a software-defined world

SD-WAN from BT is the new generation of networking, ensuring your most important applications are always connected. SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network.

  • Simplifies complicated network infrastructures so they’re easier to manage
  • Sits alongside traditional networking technologies, giving you complete visibility of all your applications and traffic
  • Recognises and prioritises critical business applications, ensuring your network always performs at its best
  • Updates or new applications can be configured quickly, and applied automatically across your network

Learn more about SD-WAN and how it can transform your network Read our guide

BT – One provider for all your infrastructure needs

Did you know we also offer a complete range of hardware to build your own networking, server and storage solutions?

We stock everything from access points and routers to server room products like racks, memory and storage. You can buy online at or talk to our friendly IT Specialists if you need free, impartial advice to help you choose the right solution.

View our infrastructure categories

Network devices

We can deliver network products like access points, routers and accessories direct to you. We also sell network solutions (such as firewalls) from the world’s leading infrastructure vendors. And our IT Specialists are on hand if you need advice.

Racking & infrastructure

We stock everything you need to keep your server room running, and we can help if you want to upgrade your set up. Browse our huge range of racks, accessories, cabinets and cables online. You can easily compare similar products and find what you need.

Server solutions

If you’re looking to upgrade or add to your servers, we can work with you and our vendors to find the best solution for you. We can also help you navigate the different options available, whether it’s physical servers, a cloud solution or a hybrid of the two.


If you need additional storage, we can help. We work with the world’s leading storage vendors to offer a solution that’s tailored to your needs. If you’re planning a larger or more complex upgrade, our IT Specialists can offer free advice.

For organisations still using Windows Server 2008, time is running out. Like other Microsoft products, it has a 5 year lifecycle and on 14th January 2020, support ended. Whilst it didn’t suddenly stop functioning, you won’t get any manufacturer supported fixes if any issues occur.

This will leave your organisation vulnerable and open to malicious attacks. Hackers are always looking for gaps in your armour; hardware and software that lack the latest security updates are prime targets. In addition, every new application created will be designed to run on the very latest operating system (OS), which is Windows Server 2019.

We can take you through the considerations your organisation should make when upgrading to Windows Server 2019. Visit our latest publication to find out more