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Apple Financial Services (AFS) for education

Flexible financing options for your school, college or university

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Together with Apple, BT is committed to helping every school enhance their learning experiences with technology. We’ll work closely with you to understand your challenges and recommend the best products and services for achieving your goals. With flexible financing options that match your budget cycle and can also help with recycling your old devices, there’s something for you.

Available finance options from Apple Financial Services (AFS)

Lease Purchase Agreement

Own the equipment at the end of your lease term with the Lease Purchase Agreement. Then use trade-in options to upgrade so you can maximise your annual budget and acquire new Apple products at a lower cost by leveraging the residual value of your used Apple products.

Flex Lease

A Flex Lease provides the ultimate flexibility. Your institution owns the equipment, with options to either make the final payment and keep the equipment; or return the equipment without making the final payment. With this option, refreshing your technology is easy.

Fair Market Value Lease

Apple products attract a high residual value and this option helps you bring down monthly payments by leveraging that future residual value upfront.  It's called a Fair Market Value Lease. In addition to offering lower payments, this option provides the flexibility you need for your financing plan. At the end of your lease term, you can choose to extend the lease, return and upgrade your Apple products, or purchase the devices at their fair market value.

Device as a Service in the Classroom

Take advantage of the Fair Market Value Lease with the addition of a built-in forgiveness pool that allows up to ten percent of the devices to be returned in less-than-good working order, without penalty.

Using Apple devices can help you save money on other things

Using Apple devices in your school comes with multiple cost savings, from text books to printing to security. The benefits of rolling out an Apple solution are endless. Not only are you setting your students off on a journey to be more creative and independent, you can assess the cost savings of having a device rather than multiple textbooks, work books, printed sheets and smart screens. Take a look at how an Apple solution can save you money in other areas...


Due to the secure nature of Apple devices, you won’t have to spend money on enhanced security for your devices, or on repairing devices which have become corrupt. As all apps on the App Store are vetted by Apple, they won't introduce malware or inappropriate content to your students or your devices. Macs are very rarely prone to viruses, whilst iOS has been designed to protect against malware and viruses too. Touch ID prevents anyone else accessing your devices, which makes them unattractive targets for thieves. And if one of your Apple devices does go missing, you can sign in at, or use the Find My iPhone app to see your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac on a map.


As well as saving on your own print costs, you can also save money on purchasing textbooks. You can download free apps such as the kindle app, on which you can purchase cheaper or sometimes even free versions of textbooks. And you won’t have to repeat buy them because they’ve got lost or damaged. The App Store also has many interactive education apps which you can download for free that can either replace, or reduce the need for printed textbooks. Many textbooks from major education publishers can now be accessed on iBooks, not to mention books that form part of your curriculum, as well as iBooks created by other teachers - and many are free. Plus, you can create your own books with iBooks Author on your Mac, where you can insert passages from your own textbooks and distribute to the whole class.


Apple can make AV much more affordable for your school. With just the small investment of an Apple TV, you can move from costly e-boards to commercial TVs and save significant amounts of money. You can connect your Apple TV to your HDTV or projector and present from anywhere in the room. You can also use AirPlay to mirror your students’ iPad or Mac screens to your Apple TV, allowing you to highlight and showcase student's work to the rest of the class. With the addition of Apple TV into your learning environment, you can replace your e-boards with a more cost effective and flexible option.


Print can be massively reduced and therefore huge cost savings can be made just by introducing Apple devices to your school. There’ll be no more need for printed worksheets, copies of student work, letters / parent communications etc – this can all be done via iPad and email. Essa Academy significantly cut their yearly photocopying bill by over £50,000 by giving all pupils and teachers their own iPad. Very little is printed as they’ve reduced their stock to practically just admin use. Because of this cost saving, they’ve been able to afford to provide their devices without the need of parent contribution.

Added extras

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Get apps at a volume discount

Apple has worked with developers to help schools save money when they purchase apps in volume. BT can help you set up an Apple School Manager account, after which you can get a 50 percent discount on most app purchases of 20 or more.

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Long-term support with AppleCare

Most Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of free telephone technical support. To extend your coverage, purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac or AppleCare+ for iPad.

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Trade-in your old Apple devices

With Apple Trade-in, you can turn your school’s old devices into something good for your budget and the planet. If they’re in good shape, you can trade them in for credit towards new Apple products, or, if not, you can recycle them responsibly for free.

BT ComputAbility - Parental contribution programme

We have many ways that schools can fund new technology, including via parental contribution. BT's ComputAbility scheme presents an alternative way for schools and colleges to close the IT skills gap in education, and enable technology-based learning. All without impacting your own budget.

Parents can help change how their child learns

Our ComputAbility scheme is "parent partnership 1:1 programme" between the school and parents or guardians. It provides schools and colleges with an alternative way to fund the technology they want to deploy, whilst at the same time giving parents a way to positively impact their child's learning experience, both in school and at home. Compared to buying outright on the high street1, the investment is made affordable for parents thanks to both the economies of scale that come from a large group purchase, and regular "bite-sized" monthly payments. Plus, once the final payment is made, the device is theirs to keep.

Headsets for Education
  • Gives students the latest devices for use at home or in the classroom 
  • Minimal cost to the school or college as devices are funded by monthly contributions from parents
  • It's affordable – the cost is broken down into small monthly direct debit payments, with no credit checks  
  • Easy to launch with light-touch admin for schools/colleges  
  • Fully managed parental contributions collection, with full communication to the school  
Learn more

Step 1

We’ll help you decide if ComputAbility is right for your school, your students, and their parents.

Step 2

We advise and you decide on the range of devices you’ll offer with pricing pre-agreed with you.

Step 3

Our finance experts build a safe, simple to use bespoke portal. This lists the devices and pricing you’ve agreed.

Step 4

We provide you with marketing materials for parents and your ComputAbility scheme is launched.

Step 5

Parents place orders and make direct debit agreements via the portal.2 Orders are collated for review and signed off by the school.

Step 6

Once the portal closes, orders are processed and we deliver pre-configured devices ready for use.

Headsets for Education

BT makes it easy with our Complete Classroom solution

Take a look at our subscription packages that give you everything you need to get started. Our Complete Classroom solution offers everything from devices and cases, to roll-out and deployment services. With three easy-to-understand packages, you can decide what's best for your school. Our team of IT Education Specialists can work with you to find the best solution at a price that fits your budget.

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Things you need to know

  1. Savings depend on the actual make and model of products selected and the comparative typical alterative high street price at the time of your programme’s launch. Full illustration will be provided.
  2. One device per student, all orders are subject to school sign off prior to delivery.  The ComputAbility programme is delivered by Freedom Tech Ltd, a technology finance company that works with organisations to provide them with innovative solutions to engage and empower their students. Freedom Tech is not a BT plc company nor affiliated to BT plc. BT plc is not the provider of the ComputAbility programme. Please note you will be required to enter into an agreement with Freedom Tech Limited for the operation of the programme. ComputAbility programmes are subject to the organisation passing Freedom Tech Limited's credit criteria. Before rolling out a ComputAbility programme, you agree that you have relied on your own assessment in determining the suitability of the ComputAbility programme for your organisation. ComputAbility programmes are subject to the organisation passing Freedom Tech Limited's credit criteria. All equipment is supplied by BT Business Direct and their standard terms of business apply. All quotations are subject to credit and insurance approval via Freedom Tech and delivery of equipment is subject to agreeing to BT Business Direct Limited standard terms of sale found at 

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