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When it comes to buying a new computer for business purposes it's a vastly different process for buying yourself a new desktop PC or laptop for use at home. Decision makers within the business need to factor in the various needs, requirements and preferences of their users to ensure that staff are able to work efficiently and effectively while also minimising any downtime during the installation process and any issues with the switchover between manufacturers and operating systems.

Here at BT Business Direct we have a wealth of experience in helping businesses to identify the best solutions for the company as a whole and we've made it our duty to find the very best business computers, laptops and tablets - plus all the essential accessories - for you. We've worked with businesses large and small, and across all sectors, meaning that we can assist you to ensure that you find the most suitable computers, monitors, smartphones, servers and much more.

Whether you need training manuals for employees or specialist software that can be installed on multiple PCs or laptops within the business; BT Business Direct are able to assist you to ensure that all your computing needs are fulfilled. Our team are also on-hand to advise you on the best manufacturers, operating systems, screen resolutions and processor speeds to ensure that you get the very best for your business.

To minimise any disruption or downtime we also offer an installation and setup service for our business computing customers with a qualified engineer able to help with anything from server installations to video conferencing.

We can help you to understand the very best business computing deals for you and your company, so shop online with BT Business Direct today.